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Epson Printer keeps turning on and off?

There have suddenly been a spate of consumer reports that their Epson printer keeps turning itself off and back on again. This is apparently caused by Epson’s integration with Google Cloud Print, they have provided a solution here:

Firstly turn off your router or access point

If you have an Epson Workforce WF-3XXX, WF-6XXX or WF-7XXX series or WP-45XX do this:

  1. Select Setup
  2. Select System Administration
  3. Select Google Cloud Print Services
  4. Select Settings
  5. Select Suspend/Resume
  6. Select Yes
  7. Turn the access point or router back on

If you have an Epson XP Series printer without a screen, then do this:

  1. Turn the printer on while holding down the information button
This will reset the printers network settings, you will need to reconnect your product to your wi-fi network.
  1. Turn the access point or router back on

Or an XP Series with a screen, then do this:

  1. Select Setup
  2. Press OK
  3. Select Google Cloud Print Services
  4. Press OK
  5. Select Suspend/Resume
  6. Press OK
  7. Select Yes
  8. Press OK
  9. Turn the access point or router back on

I did this when I got home last night, as soon as you turn off the wireless router the printer settles down, just follow the instructions turn the router back on and all is well with the world again (unless you are using Google cloud print!)

What does HP buying Samsung’s Printing division mean to you

The big news of this week is not that Channel 4 has stolen the Great British Bake Off (GBBO) from the BBC, but that HP has bought Samsung’s printer division for $1.05 Billion. What does that mean to you and me? and do we really care?

I seem to remember about seven years ago Samsung proclaiming that they would become the largest supplier of printers in the world. At the same time Lexmark were locked in a legal wrangle with Static Systems (Suppliers of components for third party remanufacturers). When Static were bought by Ninestar of China about 18 months ago, that was a surprise followed up by Ninestar buying Lexmark, an even bigger surprise. Kodak launched their range of inkjet printers to great marketing hype about breaking the low priced printer high priced consumables model that has been the industry mainstay since the dawn of time, that didn’t last long – five years or so and they admitted defeat and went back to whatever they do now. So, what does this latest deal mean to us?

The printer hardware market has been in decline for some years as the number of printed pages fall, consumables prices have also been tumbling due to pressure from aftermarket and third party suppliers, so where does the market leader need to go to maintain its market share and profitability? acquisition is probably the only route left for HP. Samsung has been focussed onto the business laser segment and has developed its own print engine technology. For every LaserJet printer that HP sells they pay Canon a royalty for use of their LBP (Laser Beam Printing) printing engine technology, HP has been aggressively pushing its business inkjet printers (HP Pagewide products), which it is pitching against its own LaserJet business, the problem with that is that the inkjet hardware is cheaper on a like for like basis and the consumables are also cheaper on a comparative price point than the equivalent Laser cartridges – which of course means that to stand still in the market place HP has to run twice as fast as its competitors within that business inkjet segment, notably Epson’s Eco Tank system and Canons Maxify range of business inkjets.

So, what does it all mean for me and you? Cheaper printing, I would surmise. Hardware and consumables prices will stay under pressure for the foreseeable future, with the Chinese hovering in the background and not to be ignored. Ninestars acquisition of Static Systems and then Lexmark makes them the number one aftermarket chip producer and components supplier in the world. Instead of the OEM’s applying legal pressure on Chinese third parties for patent infringement, now they actually own some of those very patents. What goes around comes around, and in the printing marketplace the merry go round seems to be going round faster and faster.


How to update my HP printer to use Compatible ink cartridges

After a fortnight of frenzied press attacks, HP admitted that they had communicated poorly with their customers and said that they would release a firmware update which would enable their Officejet Pro range to work again with compatible (third party) manufacturers cartridges. They have duly done this; however, the update is not immediately obvious! Printer owners with a device affected by the ‘non-HP ink reject’ feature can look up their device on HP’s driver page to end up on the individual page of the printer. In our office we have an HP Officejet Pro 8610 and this is what we found:

On the page, it’s unclear that there is a firmware available that will make the printer accept non-HP ink again. Instead the page displays, and marks as important, an older firmware that doesn’t allow non-HP ink cartridges. You will need to perform an additional click on the firmware tab to see that another, newer, firmware version is available.

In the case of our example HP Officejet Pro 8610, version 1640B is available the details of which state, “This firmware update removes previous security firmware that may prevent the printer from working with certain ink supplies that contain non-HP security chips. Please note that even with this change HP cannot guarantee the quality or reliability of non-HP supplies.”

After installing the update in our Officejet Pro 8610 we can confirm that the printer now accepts the 3rd party cartridges again, however we recommend using our refilled HP 950 ink cartridges which weren’t affected by the update and should not be affected when HP roll out 


How To Fix The Printer Cartridge Not Recognised Error

Epson and other printers commonly get a Not Recognised error. Follow this troubleshooting to find what's causing your error, getting you back up and printing in no time.

Fix #1: Check The Three Basics

There are three quick checks that account for nearly all 'Not Recognised' errors. They may seem trivial but check them just in case:

  1. Have you been using the cartridge for a whileMost compatibles say 'not recognised' when they are empty.
  2. Are you using the correct cartridges for your printerThe wrong ink will return an error.
  3. Is the cartridge in the correct slotA black in a colour slot will say not recognised.

Even if you're 100% each of these points is correct, double check them. You'd be amazed how easily a simple mistake can creep in.

Fix #2: Check Which Cartridge Has The Issue

If your printer is only reporting one cartridge having the error, skip to fix #3.

If you've replaced more than one cartridge and are seeing errors across the whole set (even ones that were working previously) then it is  just a fault with a single cartridge that is registering across every cartridge. Find out and fix the necessary cartridge by:

  1. Remove all of the new cartridges you had installed and re-install the old (empty) cartridges that worked
  2. Restart the printer, this should remove the not recognised error (and tell you some are empty)
  3. Install one of the new cartridges
  4. Keep installing the new cartridges one-by-one until the error returns. That is  the cartridge to troubleshoot.

Fix #3: Clean The Contact Chip

Check the copper banding on each of the cartridges. This is their contact chip and what communicates with the printer. Give them each a gentle wipe with a cloth or pencil eraser to ensure they are clean and dust free.

Reinstall the cartridge to your machine and restart the printer, this should clear the error.

Fix #4: Do A Hard Reset

As strange as it sounds, errors can be "remembered" by the printer. Once you've cleaned the chip and reinstalled the cartridge turn the printer off at the plug, wait 30 seconds then turn it back on. Often you'll find the error has been cleared and you're free to print.

Still Getting The Not Recognised Error?

If you're still receiving an error it is likely your cartridge has a fault. Get in touch with your supplier to arrange a replacement item.