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Reward Points and Free Gifts

Reward points

Stationery Shack rewards all of there customers with points. Reward point can be accumulated with every purchase via our online shop. We are working to add new products daily to our site. So if there is an item you need and we do no advertise it, don't worry just contact one of our helpful service advisers and they can give you a quote instantly. Once you have made your first purchase your free account is registered with Stationery Shack. So future purchases will be even cheaper!!. The points you earn are free chase to spend online in our shop.We pride our self in customer service so drop on by and earn some points!

Free Gifts With Orders

We are a new and forever growing business , With majority of our profits we make. We give back to our customers to thank them and you for you constant support and business they have shown us. With certain orders different gifts will apply and the deals are forever changing. For example you may only need to order 2x toners to get a free smart fitbit watch. With orders of 4x toners we can offer a free new leather executive chair.If you are interested in our reward system or how its managed please contact our sales team. CLICK HERE