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Brother Toner Printer – How To Reset The “Toner Life End” Message

Hey guys, If you have come here today then there is one thing I need to cover, So let get to it.


If you have just replaced the toner cartridge in your Brother printer, and a “replace toner” or “toner low” warning message still keeps coming up, Grab a coffee – there is a solution! You may have tried everything, including taking the toner cartridge out, checking all is working correctly and that all the packaging has been removed. You may have switched your printer off and back on again, but the message hasn’t budged. You may even have tried shaking the cartridge from side to side – just in case! The user manual isn’t much help in this situation, and the main problem is that, even though you know the printer has a brand new toner cartridge, the printer refuses to print! how to fix your brother printer toner cartridge coming up.

About Brother Toner Cartridges

You can relax now, help is here! The truth is that most Brother toner printers need to be told that the toner cartridge has been replaced. This means manually resetting the counter, and fortunately this is an easy thing to do. We’ve created a handy list of Brother toner printers, and the steps to reset the toner count in each of them.

Resetting the “Toner Life End” or “Replace Toner” message on the Brother HL monochrome (black and white) printer:

  1. Open the front cover, and keep it open while you take the following steps.
  2. Switch off the printer.
  3. Hold down the “Start” or “Go” button while turning on the printer. All of the panel lights should now be on.
  4. Release the “Start” or “Go” button.
  5. Now, press the “Start” or “Go” button twice.
  6. Wait for a moment. The panel lights should all be on again.
  7. Now, press the “Start” or “Go” button five times. At this point, the toner light should be off, although the “error” may be flashing. The paper light should be on or at least flashing at this point.
  8. You are ready to close the cover, and the “Ready” light should be the only light that is now on.
  9. Resetting the “Replace Toner” or “Toner Life End” warning message on the Brother MFC monochrome (black and white) printer:
  10. Open the door, and then press the Clear/Back key.
  11. Now press *00
  12. Next, press “OK”.
  13. When the drum replacement menu comes up, don’t choose anything for drum replacement, instead press * and then 00, and then “OK”.

Resetting The “Replace Toner” or “Toner Life End” warning message on the Brother DCP, MFC and HL colour printer:

  1. Open the toner access door while the printer is switched on. You will see the “Cover is Open” message on the LCD screen of your printer.
  2. Bring up the “Reset Menu” by pressing the “Clear/Back” button.
  3. Once you are in the Reset Menu, scroll through the reset options for the printer’s toner cartridges. You will be given rest options for all four of the colours: BK; C; Y; and M. If you have a printer that takes standard yield and high yield cartridges, you will see an option to reset either one of these.
  4. Once you have selected the correct colour and size of the toner cartridge, press “OK”.
  5. Each cartridge needs to be reset individually. To reset, press “1”.
  6. Now press “Clear/Back” to exit the menu, and finally, close the door.

You’re ready to go!

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Below is some information on brother printers in case you are interested..


Brother Printers

For more than 100 years, Brother has been developing high quality electronic products throughout the world. Forming in Japan in 1908, the company originally specialised in sewing machines, but has adapted its primary output to evolving technologies. Since moving its UK headquarters to Manchester in 1968, Brother’s main focus has been laser printers.

At Printerland, we stock a wide range of Brother printers, fax machines and consumables. The diverse range of products has been developed to accommodate many of the requirements of the modern business environment or home office.

Brother Printers for the Home

Designed to be intuitive and simple to use, Brother printers are well-suited for casual and professional users alike. Clear on-screen menus and one-touch functionality help provide a plug-n-print machine. At stationery shack we stock a huge range of Brother Colour Laser Printers well-suited to the demands of the home office.

Accommodating large, cost-effective ink and toner cartridges, Brother can help cut the costs of printing at home. The Brother Printer Ink and Toner Cartridges range from Stationery Shack can help you keep your Brother printer well-stocked and producing high-quality colour and monochrome prints.

Brother Printers for the Office

At Stationery Shack, we stock a range of Brother Multifunction Printers which are well-suited to the demands of the modern office environment. Providing print, copy, scan and fax functions, the range can help office workers perform a comprehensive range of tasks quickly and efficiently. Without compromising quality, the multifunction units from Brother can help remove the necessity for multiple machines in the office.

Brother produce a diverse range of non-traditional printer and office products as well, serving a greater volume of workplaces and responsibilities. The Brother Label Printers and Brother Mobile Printers are well-suited to specialist tasks and on-site professionals. At Printerland, our Brother-trained specialists can help answer any questions or queries you may have about our range of Brother products or how to get the most out of your printer.

Get the right Brother for You

Brother focuses on creating energy efficient, cost and time saving devices to match the requirements of any business or home user.


When it comes to environmental impact, Brother goes the extra mile to ensure its products not only meet the strict regulations expected but surpass them wherever possible, meaning that your business is sure to reap the rewards from energy efficiency, productivity and longer lasting equipment.

State of the Art

Brothers approach to its technology also stands up proudly against the biggest players in the print market. Providing top quality products with the latest in technical advancements, you can be sure that your Brother printer purchase will perform at a level unsurpassed by its rivals from your very first print.

Colour and Mono Laser Printers
Brother’s extensive line-up of laser printers consists of some of the most affordable and productive machines in its class

Multifunction Printers
Brothers MFP range provide the same high quality, performance and affordability as the standard colour and mono models, with the added benefit of extra functionality including copy scan and fax.

All-in-one Inkjet Printers
even the individual user can benefit with Brother’s attention to design and productivity extending in to the home office. Further your boundaries with borderless, lab quality photographs and the same flexible functionality of a multifunction device. Brother inkjet multifunction printers fit easily on to the desktop and with sleek design thrown-in, home printing has never been so fashionable.


Brother AX Ink Cartridges

  • Brother AX-10 ink
  • Brother AX-100 ink
  • Brother AX-110 ink
  • Brother AX-120 ink
  • Brother AX-410 ink
  • Brother AX-425 ink
  • Brother AX-430 ink

Brother DCP Ink Cartridges

  • Brother DCP-110C ink
  • Brother DCP-111C ink
  • Brother DCP-115C ink
  • Brother DCP-117C ink
  • Brother DCP-120C ink
  • Brother DCP-130C ink
  • Brother DCP-135C ink
  • Brother DCP-145C ink
  • Brother DCP-150C ink
  • Brother DCP-153C ink
  • Brother DCP-157C ink
  • Brother DCP-163C ink
  • Brother DCP-165C ink
  • Brother DCP-167C ink
  • Brother DCP-195C ink
  • Brother DCP-197C ink
  • Brother DCP-310CN ink
  • Brother DCP-315C ink
  • Brother DCP-330C ink
  • Brother DCP-340CN ink
  • Brother DCP-340CW ink
  • Brother DCP-350C ink
  • Brother DCP-357C ink
  • Brother DCP-365CN ink
  • Brother DCP-375CW ink
  • Brother DCP-377CW ink
  • Brother DCP-385C ink
  • Brother DCP-395CN ink
  • Brother DCP-540CN ink
  • Brother DCP-560CN ink
  • Brother DCP-585CW ink
  • Brother DCP-6690CW ink
  • Brother DCP-770CW ink
  • Brother DCP-J125 ink
  • Brother DCP-J132W ink
  • Brother DCP-J140W ink
  • Brother DCP-J152W ink
  • Brother DCP-J315W ink
  • Brother DCP-J4110DW ink
  • Brother DCP-J4120DW ink
  • Brother DCP-J515W ink
  • Brother DCP-J525W ink
  • Brother DCP-J552DW ink
  • Brother DCP-J562DW ink
  • Brother DCP-J715W ink
  • Brother DCP-J725DW ink
  • Brother DCP-J752DW ink
  • Brother DCP-J785DW ink
  • Brother DCP-J925DW ink

Brother Fax Ink Cartridges

  • Brother Fax-1020E ink
  • Brother Fax-1030E ink
  • Brother Fax-1355 ink
  • Brother Fax-1360 ink
  • Brother Fax-1460 ink
  • Brother Fax-1560 ink
  • Brother Fax-1840C ink
  • Brother Fax-1940CN ink
  • Brother Fax-920 ink
  • Brother Fax-930 ink
  • Brother IntelliFax-1025MFP ink
  • Brother IntelliFax-1170 ink

Brother Fax T Ink Cartridges

  • Brother Fax-T104 ink
  • Brother Fax-T106 ink
  • Brother Fax-T74 ink
  • Brother Fax-T76 ink
  • Brother Fax-T94 ink
  • Brother Fax-T96 ink

Brother HL Ink Cartridges

  • Brother HL-S7000DN ink
  • Brother HL-S7000DN100 ink
  • Brother HL-S7000DN50 ink
  • Brother HL-S7000DN70 ink

Brother LW Ink Cartridges

  • Brother LW-840IC ink

Brother MFC Ink Cartridges

  • Brother MFC-210C ink
  • Brother MFC-215C ink
  • Brother MFC-235C ink
  • Brother MFC-240C ink
  • Brother MFC-250C ink
  • Brother MFC-255CW ink
  • Brother MFC-260C ink
  • Brother MFC-295CN ink
  • Brother MFC-410CN ink
  • Brother MFC-425CN ink
  • Brother MFC-440CN ink
  • Brother MFC-465CN ink
  • Brother MFC-490CW ink
  • Brother MFC-5440CN ink
  • Brother MFC-5460CN ink
  • Brother MFC-5490CN ink
  • Brother MFC-5840CN ink
  • Brother MFC-5860CN ink
  • Brother MFC-5890CN ink
  • Brother MFC-5895CW ink
  • Brother MFC-620CN ink
  • Brother MFC-640CW ink
  • Brother MFC-6490 ink
  • Brother MFC-6490CW ink
  • Brother MFC-680CN ink
  • Brother MFC-6890CDW ink
  • Brother MFC-845CW ink
  • Brother MFC-885CW ink
  • Brother MFC-990CW ink
  • Brother MFC-J265W ink
  • Brother MFC-J410 ink
  • Brother MFC-J415W ink
  • Brother MFC-J430W ink
  • Brother MFC-J4410DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J4420DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J4510DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J4610DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J4620DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J4625DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J470DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J4710DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J480DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J5320DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J5330DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J5335DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J5620DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J5625DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J5720DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J5730DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J5910DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J5930DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J615W ink
  • Brother MFC-J625DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J650DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J6510DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J6520DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J6530DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J6710D ink
  • Brother MFC-J6710DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J6720DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J680DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J6910DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J6920DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J6930DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J6935DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J825DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J870DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J880DW ink
  • Brother MFC-J985DW ink




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