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Cheapest suppler of printer toners







The Uks largest Printer Toner (2)


Find out who is the UK’s cheapest supplier on printer toners 2017

So the big question, Who is the UK’S cheapest supplier of printer toners. Well lets find out , My name is Jamie and today I will be comparing some of the major suppliers prices on major Toners and Inks. Lets be honest it feels like the world and its dog is selling printer toners and compatible toners for all major machines and we thought PPI calls were bad. So today we will be comparing Viking Direct , Toner Giant , Stationery Shack , Cartridge World and Cartridge save. We will be comparing some of the most popular machines used. And will be surprised as the result. We will be comparing compatibles today. If you are unsure If compatibles are bad for your printer click here So I have just poured myself a nice coffee.. And I am ready to go. So if you use brother toners or brother compatible toners for all laser machines or Hp toners and inks get strapped in.


Printer Toner





The Printer we shall compare

A very popular printer is the Brother HL5440 machine , The toner cartridge for this printer is a TN3380. other printers that take this laser printer compatible toner is HL-5440 | HL-5450 | HL-5470 | HL-6180 | DCP-8110 | DCP-8250 | MFC-8510 | MFC-8520 | MFC-8950 we thousands of these being sold online each week this will be a good start. Abit about the toner first..


Brother HL5540 Toner Tn3380

Give the right impression to your clients with excellent documents and images from Brother printing. To ensure that your printer is performing at its optimum level, refresh its ink supply with original Brother TN-3380 Black ink. Brother ink is designed to be smudge resistant, zero saturation and to offer clear and bold mark-making. Make your documents shine out above the crowd with print supplies from Brother.With a life-cycle of an impressive 8,000 pages and a comprehensive manufacturer warranty, the Brother TN-3380 offers you the peace of mind to take quality printing for granted.

The TN-3380 High Capacity Black toner refill is designed to optimise and enhance Brother DCP 8010, 8110, 8250, 8950, HL 5400, 5440, 5450, 5470, 5480, 6100, 6180, MFC 8510, 8520, 8550 and 8950 series printers. For brilliant performance, trust Brother.


The Cheapest TN3380 ONLINE

So for this toner www.StationeryShack.co.uk smashes the competitors out the park by a long shot. But why are they so cheap, Must be a less quality product I can hear you all saying from my office as I am sipping my coffee that’s got slightly cold. Actually you are wrong I am afraid to say , With reviews and product information being obtained they all sell the exact same product. A compatible toner for the HL5440 toner TN3380 brand new with free UK delivery… With Stationery Shack they also give away FREE paper. It is a family run business and customer service is more important to them , as return buyers are the bust purchasers in the world.


Are Compatible Toners bad for my printer?

The answer is , That depends on the product you have brought. For example if your brand new Brother Printer 5440 with High yeild compatible Toner TN3380 had a toner from Stationery Shack you will be fine. likewise with Cartridge World , Cartridge save , Toner Giant and Viking Direct. HOWEVER If you are sat in work and Fred in a shed rings you up selling you a compatible toner for £9.99 then if alarm bells are not ringing already send up the emergency flare as it will be a bumpy ride. The last thing you want is to buy a dirt cheap £10 toner with no warranty from Fred and when the laser toner cartridge goes full terrorist on your printer its down to you. There is not much you can do … Maybe start browsing totaljobs.com







The Conclusion

so if you did not watch the video price guide to sum up our findings www.stationeryshack.co.uk was the cheapest by miles and give you free paper. Below are the prices and some infomation about buying compatible toners for your printer

  1. Stationery Shack – £19.99 PLUS FREE PAPER
  2. Toner Giant – £30
  3. Cartridge Save- £39
  4. Viking Direct – £44
  5. Cartridge World – £33

prices were allocated on 05/06/2017 if these have been updated please contact me.


About Stationery Shack

High quality printer toners and cartridges

Our experts are constantly testing and researching new printing technologies to ensure our inkjet and laser toner printer cartridges are as good as, if not better, than the major cartridge brands.Every orde that is placed, Get a personal account manager to handle all deliveries and future orders. We work around the clock to ensure your business keeps ticking. This is an international industry-standardised method, meaning we test the performance of our own laser cartridges against that of the printer-branded cartridges. This enables us to achieve the aim of providing print density equal to, or greater than that of the originals, as well as attaining a page yield that is 10% higher. Product cost versus performance is also objectively measured, enabling us to guarantee that the quality of our products actually exceeds that of the printer-branded cartridges.

Printer Toners , Brother , HP , Lexmarx , Kyocera , Samsung , Phillips , Oki and more

All of our Original branded cartridges are designed to meet the performance of the printer manufacturers cartridges. We are so confident in the quality that we offer a fill refund if you are not 100% satisfiedChoose the make of your printer   View all printer brands   Businesses, schools, Government, the Police force and thousands of home users choose Stationery Shack to supply them with quality toner cartridges.  You get the best quality, lowest prices and best service. We offer free delivery on all orders whatever the size.  Choose Stationery Shacl for your toner cartridges today.   Stationery Shack pride themselves on their position as the leading online supplier of cheap toner cartridges for a wide range of laser printers.  We are highly regarded as the premier supplier of laser toners to homes, schools businesses and government because of our commitment to low prices and excellent customer service.   Part of the attraction of shopping for your toner cartridges at Stationery Shack is our cast iron 30 day money back guarantee that covers every single toner ink cartridge that we sell.  Therefore, you can shop safe in the knowledge that should you change your mind you can always send the toner cartridge back to us within 30 days and get a full and unequivocal refund.   Besides our unbeatable guarantee, Stationery Shack offer free next day delivery on all toner cartridges in our extensive stock.  You’ll no longer be forced to spend your precious time hunting down the correct


Order now and get your toner cartridge next day. We know how important reliable, fast delivery is to our customers. That’s why we offer a next day toner delivery service when you order before 2pm Now there is no need for your home or business to be without toner cartridges. .

If you would like to discuss your business needs in detail with one of our account managers, please get in touch with us via the ‘Contact Us’ page



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