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Are Compatible Printer Toners Bad For My Printer?

Should I use original or compatible Printer Toners?

  Hello my name iAre Compatibles Bad ForMy Printers Jamie and today I am going to try try and answer the questions that everyone keeps asking me, Are compatible Toners bad for my printer? Well in a short and brief answer they wont cause any harm. HOWEVER you still have to ensure your buying the correct product. But that’s the easy part and today we will cover the pros and cons and best places to purchase compatibles to save you or the business you work for a lot of money! we will be covering Compatible printer toners for all machines such as Brother,Hp,Samsung,Oki,Lexmark,Phillips,Kyocera and more.





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Best places to buy reliable compatible Printer Toners

www.stationeryshack.co.ukOur recommendation for compatibles – high quality with warranty

So it seems nowadays everyone is selling printer toners and inks. With so many businesses using laser printer toners everyone wants a piece of the pie, and you thought PPI calls were annoying. There are many companies out there who purchases there compatible printer toners from China. They will tell you its approved for your Brother,Hp,Samsung,Oki,Canon machine however this may not quite be the case. Always make sure you get a warranty and a reliable source. For example Stationery Shack are become a large supplier to schools and doctor surgeries who get given machines via the CCG. With mainly Brother printers and laser toners being put through the constant use, They need a supplier who can supply next day delivery and delivery peace of mind with orders. The last thing you want is for the Toner to explode in the lovely Brother hl5440dn machine and not offer to replace the printer if its broken.. That would defeat the object of saving money on compatibles.




With original Brother and HP printer toners and inks costing so much money , imagine you have an annual budget with 8 printers and they are all under constant use.. You would have to resort to using Compatible toners. But all the major brands are using scare tactics to prevent people from doing so. It is no different to your car , If your exhaust is broken and you need a new one..I doubt you will go to main dealership and pay £1500 when the garage down the road with great reviews will do it for £600. If the price difference was only minor you would rather pay more. But say for example I have a brother HL5340 machine and need 2x Brother Original Laser Toner’s. That would cost my business £180… yet if I went over to www.stationeryshack.co.uk and brought there Brother printing toner for only £19.99 that is fantastic quality and free next day delivery i would of just saved £140.. And with the change I could BUY ANOTHER 7 TONERS.




pixma.com+345 466 897pixma@mail.com


Imagine you are having a terrible day at work and your are extremely busy. Then to top it off you HP printer decides it has had enough of life and go full terrorist on your office..NOT GOOD.What do you do? ring your supplier? what if your “supplier” does not warrant his items and just resells Chinese imports.. and your £1000 printer is dead , The carpet looks like the sky in a thunderstorm and the boss will be the lightning when they find out whats append.. Unfortunately in this circumstance there is not much you can do, Perhaps www.totaljobs.co.uk would be a good start. So if you have a Brother,Hp,Samung,Oki printer that requires plenty of toner cartridges or inks pop over to www.stationeryshack.co.uk your printer will be in safe hands, all there products come with warranty and free delivery and are the cheapest around.






Should i use compatible printer toners?

In complete honesty YES , You will be saving you business a lot of money , what do you think all the main brands like Brother,Hp,Samsung Lexmark do with there recycled Printer Toners? they are then sold on as re-manufactured or then reassembled for new toners. Unfortunate nowadays its a dog eat dog world out there.  Everyone is out to make money and to find an honest businessman with his customers best interest at heart is rare. So moving forward I hope this little blog has helped, It is my first Blog ever! so drop me a like or a comment with any questions you may have.





Brother printer – Click here to shop Printer Toners

Brother Ink Cartridges

Brother inkjet printers are renowned for delivering exceptional clarity, so such high quality print functionality deserves the very best ink. To ensure your prints are befitting of your Brother home printer, we offer the most comprehensive selection of ink cartridges on the market covering the entire Brother range. From Brother Fax Printers to the popular MFC and DCP ranges, we provide quality, cost-effective original and compatible Brother ink that performs from the first print to the last.

Given the sheer number of Brother inkjet printers on the market, it is essential that you purchase ink cartridges that are compatible with your system while offering the very best performance for your printing needs. We help you do this by selecting tried and trusted cartridges in both black and colour that work as a direct replacement for your existing Brother printer ink.

Looking for a comprehensive list of Brother inkjet printers, check out links to all the printers accepting Brother ink cartridges Brother Toner Cartridges

Many small offices and home offices use Brother laser printers to provide their business with high quality printing solutions. As a result, they trust Cartridge People to provide the toner cartridges to produce mono and colour documents in high volumes.

Often with next day delivery included, the replacement Brother toner cartridges we provide will keep productivity high in your workplace. Our industry experts are constantly looking for high quality compatible Brother toner to provide you with a cost per page saving.

For a comprehensive list of Brother laser printers CLICK HERE

Brother: Company Background

For over 100 years, Brother has led the way in business machines and telecommunications products, establishing itself as a world leader in printer technology and innovation. Originally incorporated in Japan, the company has grown from a small electronics and manufacturing firm to a truly multinational corporation boasting operations in 28 countries and branded products in over 100 countries. With an aim to produce ‘sophisticated, user-friendly communication’ technologies, Brother specialises in high performance, low noise laser, ink-jet and non-impact printers for both home and office use.

Brother released its first ever high speed laser printer for the office back in 1987 and has gone on to set the benchmark for competitors ever since, with products including the world’s first multifunctional printer, a self-contained mobile printer and, most recently, the Brother RFID label printer.

Brother AX Printers

Brother Compactronic Printers

Brother DCP

Brother Fax Printers


Brother HL Printers

Brother MFC Printers

Brother P-Touch


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  1. Hi

    I run a doctor surgery and have all sorts of printers, what toners are best

    HL4140 | HL4150 | HL4570 | MFC9460 | MFC9560 | MFC9970

    HL-5440 | HL-5450 | HL-5470 | HL-6180 | DCP-8110 | DCP-8250 | MFC-8510 | MFC-8520 | MFC-8950

    thanks,love the infomation by the way, Videos helped. I love frank

    • Hi ,

      Thank you , we have sent a full quote to your email. However

      Tn3380 @ £18.99

      and.. all £20

  2. andrew wiskin

    awesome blog!! my account manager rebecca is fantastic

    saved me so much money on the following

    • No problem, I forgot to mention on the phone we will give you some free paper with the 2 toners you ordered, I have emailed you and left a voicemail confirming. Good luck in Gold!!!


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